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How Many Ways Can You Disappear?

No One Special
20 January 1987
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I'm a 21 year old female who uses LJ just to vent.
Most of my writing is vague. It's intentional.
THINK about it.
I'm good with written words but when it comes to verbally expressing myself, I can't. Plain and simple.

Me in a nutshell:
    I love music, to almost an unhealthy extent
    I'm always cold
    I don't sleep
    I only drink water
    I enjoy learning new things
    I'm a Psychology major at a university
    I chat till the wee hours of the morning with other people who can't sleep
    Thrift stores are where I do most of my shopping.
    I can pretty much sum myself up in two cartoon characters: Daria & Meg (from family guy)

I'm not much for public speaking.
Or much for speaking.
Or, come to think of it, much for the public.

her_inanition Highway
Loony-Bin Lane21
Please Drive Carefully

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