A “friend” is the sort of person you could trust to proofread your suicide note

Welcome home outcasts
Because I know how you have
Felt over the years
The truth is that
Looking at me is like
Looking in the mirror
And I know how it feels
To be the best part
Of a running joke
To all of your friends
And to be on the edge of your bed
With your head buried in your hands
Wishing that everything would end
I know how it feels to be the loneliest
Welcome back outcasts
Because I’ve told myself
That it would be alright
Probably about a million times
Over every minute of all of my life
I know how it feels
To be so confused
So you sit and wait for a sign
That the coming days will be alright
Bruised from the blackouts
And your blood red eyes
Try to start looking
For the brighter side

- Less Than Jake

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